среда, 23 мая 2012 г.

Bangkok -Honkong-Moscow-Kamchatka

                                                              < the life is the big TRIP >

 I Love HonKong

it was so cold for me in february espessually aftet Bali.

but compare to Moscow it was so warm

February is the coldest month - keep your clothes on

oh yeah and it was a really warm but strange place - Bankgogk
hm i guess i've made a mistake in this word again .. 
its so complicated for me to remember the right onr ... Bangkok? )
anyways im kinda miss this City, living in Bali

of course we had a lot of fun with friends there - a lot of things to do
crazy shopping
and nice rooftop bars
i was about marry the Night
its always more fun 
&to travel with friends&

* Moscow was so 'nice' *
but i was happy to see the snow finally
i had to jump into it

after it was the 9-hours jump with the plane to Kamchatka
the weather was.. nice
so hot 
and the snow was so cold
but nice)

we know everything in the comperision

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