Korean Cosmetic review. 

Today I would like to share my experience and my love with Korean cosmetics.
The quality is so good and prices are so affordable. It's fantastic!

One of the biggest shopping sector is various local cosmetic brands. Cosmetic shops are located everywhere, literally, every 100 meters or even less. Koreans are really taking care about the skin a lot and properly.

I purchased one to try and then could not stop anymore till i've got 6 of them. Was difficult to stop myself from getting more ).
Many products are packed with very cute and beautiful package. Products are environment friendly and in some shops they are accepting the packages for recycling -> smart shopping.

So there are quite good and cheap brands, which definitely deserving attention:
check this out:


1. Nature republic.

( I love their lipsticks: creamy lipsticks and long lasting lipsticks )


These Nature Republic lipsticks are one of the best I've ever tried, lasting really whole day / or night )
I am even wearing it for going for the dinner! So I can eat, drink and have a great mellow color on my lips. Isn't it amazing? 

(Tip how to lasts you lipstick longer and look perfect, I use a bit of any lip balm first, than a bit of highlighter upon your lip contour (mine is touch eclat by YSL) and then I use a bit of powder on my lips, then one layer of  a lipstick, then tap a tissue on top of the first layer, as bit of powder again and second layer, tissue again and the last tiny  touch of powder. So even if it is a long lasting lipstick, I still use this trick to be more perfect )

2. Etude house.

From this brand I've tried and became in love with
- their Face Mask Sheets - cost around 1-2 $ and moisturize the skin perfectly, keeping my skin shining for all the day.
- Mineral BB cream
- Baking powder BB face wash - it'is amazing! Nice and not very strong smell, perfect soft scrubbing creamy texture, my skin feels really happy!
- Silk scarf hair mask/conditioner. I used to use so many different, professional and expensive stuff for my hairs, something helps more, something less, but this hair treatment is one of the best i've ever tried. Smoothing your hairs, feel really silky and shiny. Cost really cheap. I am so impressed and felt inlove!
( -> Tony Moly blueberry lip balm on a pic )

3. Tony Moly.

One of the cutest brand with cool packagings, apple, peach shapes cream jags, pandas bottles and yummy-looking scrubs, jelly gels/creams and more.
selection of the face masks, which I love (Avocado is one of my favorite )
Quite good mascara, which is cheap as well ( I bought just for 5 $ (!) ) and it gives  a good length, which was developed for asian (usually not so long lashes )  and gives such  a good look to western lash.
I also use a eyeshadow brush from this brand and one eyeshadows.
Wanna try more - will write a review if someone is interested!
Please, do not be shy to live your comments.

4. Missha.

I use to buy lots of face moisturising masks here. They looks good, smells nice and working good.
I love all the berry masks from here, also honey, collagen is good, aloe and actually all of them!
they are amazing. I do not know how did I use to live without them before.
I've also discovered a foot mask - easy way to moisturize rough feet skin. Just them for 15-30 minutes, they are plastic outside, so you can even walk around your room and make your heels softer!  Lovely stuff.

I've tried  some lipsticks and lipgloss from this brand, but i did not really like them to be frankly.
But I liked mascara.
I've got the eyelashes conditioner to try. Will let you know later in the special review of eyelashes conditioners and growth enhancer.

5. Ameli.

I bought one color to try and then could not stop anymore till i've got 5 more. Was difficult to stop myself from getting more! So many colors for eyes and lips! Average cost per eyeshadow of this brand is 10-15$. They are really long lasting and colors are amazing!

I was looking for the ideal electric blue rich colored eyeshadows for a quite long time and finally I've found it here

7. eSpoir
 I have tried a new red matte lipstick - love the color, texture and it's package with magnet - so you not gonna loose the cover case.

6. Skin food.

Face mask sheets again, moisturising feet mask socks, body lotions.

Good thing - You can buy this cosmetics not only in Korea, for example, in Sydney they sell Nature republic in Town hall mall and Tony Lomy in Heigh Market (3rd level ), in China Town.
You can also buy it from Internet, e.g. order from Amazon, ebay and others.

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