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Australia series.

Sydney is the most multinational city i've ever seen after New York. Here you can find more foreign people than locals. I was surprised that you can see not so many australias.
In Fact, australian nation does not exist. British-roots people, Chineese, Indians, etc.

Sydney is considered as  the most biggest city in Australia, but you can find the city only in a down town  and its not so big. Sidney is very spread out, all the areas except a few train stations in the center are countrysides.
Sydney is the most expencive city in Australia and i guess in the world, especially if to talk about the real estates.

A big advantage - heaps of many beautiful beaches, swimming pools looks crazy
Bonday Beach:

Melbourne is more going out place, Sydney is looks like more for business.

Glong, Bells beach.
Australia seems to be a very beautiful place.  All the places exept a few cities looks kinda deserted, especcially for public holidays. People stay with famalies and dont go out a lot.

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