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Blue Mountains, Australia

Our amazing trip to the gorgeous Blue Mountains in May.
To get there from Sydney by train - you will need to get to the Katoomba station ( e.g from the Central Station).
Where to go in Australia
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You would need to be prepared for a bush and forest walk, so it is better to wear comfortable shoes. During one day the weather has been changed a few times - it was fresh in the morning, a bit hot during the day, and suddenly started to rain. We did not have any umbrellas, so we just were waiting under a trees or in one of the caves till the rain has stopped.
If you do not feel like you'd like to make a bush walk - just go to have a look to a biggest lookout place - 3 Sisters - that was a very crowded place and we have met just a few people in the forest.
All the tracks and lookouts got the nameplates, steps and fence and rails. You would not need any special physical trainings. Just take a sandwich and bottle of water.
Мы ездили в Голубые Горы в мае, когда в Австралии осень. Это одно из самых красивых мест для созерцания осенних пейзажей. Очень необычно, конечно - как во сне. Ты в осени когда у всех весна. Погода менялась несколько раз за день - был и дождь и солнце и холод и жара. Так что будьте готовы ко всему. Так же важно одеть удобную обувь, для меня UGGs были вполне удобными, возможно, лучше одеть кроссовки, вьетнамки лучше оставить дома! )
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Все тропинки и смотровые площадки довольно ухожены, оборудованы перилами и ступеньками,  а так же на развилках в лесу установлены указатели - все для людей! ) Для прохождения данных треков не требуется специальная физическая подготовка. Просто гуляйте по лесу и наслаждайтесь! Кое где нужно преодолеть небольшие лесенки.
Blue Mountain track

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Beautiful Laura village with its shopping and Sunday's markets. Do not forget to visit beautiful Lease Rose shop to get inspirational gifts and souvenirs.
Australian Fall

It's fantastic to see the Autumn, while all the other rest of the world is having Spring!
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maple leaf

More from forest walks. We were in the forest for about 4 hours, there were so many different cool places to see! It was a kinda meditation that gives you relaxation and happiness.
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