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Garies Beach

Another 1 of June post about  beautiful beach you need to go visiting Australia.
Garies Beach is a beautiful place to go, not crowded and not too far.
Thanks for pics to talanted Valentino

Someone's got a good surf session and someone's got a nice suntan and pics !
trying myself in a surf-photography, lucky to take a pictures of the most handsome surfer! <3
Now a little bit more about the place. A breathtaking view from the lookouts and a small tracking between two beaches. As at the most NSW there are all the necessary facilities and beach cafe. We have been there on Sunday, there were some people, but it was not crowded at all.

Beaches of Australia
Garie beach viewIMG_0611 800x600@1x
IMG_0606 800x1066@1x
We've done a small tracking way up to the hill.
Definitely  go for it, just watch your step!
RU - Очень красивый пляж, около два часа езды от Сиднея. Как на большинстве пляжей есть душ, кафе и барбекю, но это не главное, главное, какой вид и разнообразные пейзажи! Чтобы попасть на соседний пляж, нужно перебраться через холм  пешком по живописной тропинке. Главное смотреть не только по сторонам на захватывающие виды, но и под ноги  (чтобы случайно не наступить на змею, например)!

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